The relationship between DMG Entertainment and Valiant Comics began in 2015 with the acquisition of a minority share of the comic book company. In January of 2018, DMG Entertainment assumed full managerial control of the publisher’s vast library. The series under the Valiant Comics umbrella are well known for their character-centric approach and immersive interconnected universe.

Creating the Cinematic Universe

As Marvel and DC took to the silver screen, Valient quietly amassed the third largest collection of comic book an intellectual property in the world. Now, DMG Entertainment will bring Valiant’s stories to a global audience through diverse mediums, including motion pictures, television, virtual reality, gaming, and location-based entertainment.



Valiant Comics was founded in 1989 by Jim Shooter and Steven Massarsky. Both partners brought a unique experience to the table. The shooter was the former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics while Massarsky was an accomplished businessman and entertainment lawyer. Together, they launched an interconnected line of superhero comics in the same style as the Marvel universe. Magnus, Robot Fighter was the first title released by Valiant Comics, making its debut in May of 1991.

In the years that followed, Valiant Comics went on to claim prestigious awards and honors such as Publisher of the Year at the Diamond Gem Awards. Valiant was also the most nominated publisher in comics at 2014, 2015 and 2016 Harvey Awards. As the company rose in critical acclaim, it also achieved commercial success – selling more than 81 million issues over the course of three decades.


DMG Entertainment has signed a five-picture deal with Sony Pictures to launch the Valiant cinematic universe. Following the release of Bloodshot, fans can expect to see Harbinger, Faith, and Shadowman hit the big screens. Premiere dates have not been released for these titles, and the lineup order for the stories involved in the five-picture deal is still confidential.

In addition to the planned cinematic universe, DMG Entertainment is currently developing a television adaptation of the Quantum & Woody series. The project is a joint venture with Getaway Productions, the production company founded by Joe and Anthony Russo (Avengers). Also in development is Dr. Mirage, a drama series adaptation of the Valiant graphic novel. Dr. Mirage is currently set up at the CW with CBS Television Studios producing alongside DMG Entertainment.

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